5 Reasons Why TasP Is the Best HIV Prevention Method
پنج دلیلی که روش درمانی (تسپ)، با داروی تراوادا بهترین روش برای پیشگیری اچ آی وی می باشد

photo: Daily Xtra

photo: Daily Xtra

پنج دلیلی که روش درمانی (تسپ) با داروی تراوادا بهترین روش برای پیشگیری اچ آی وی می باشد.
اگر چه استفاده از داروی تراوادا به عنوان پیشگیری یا پروفیلاکس و همچنان در سرفصل، استفاده از درمان اچ آی وی بکار برده میشود اما به عنوان پیشگیری از ابتلا به آن یکی از دست کم گرفته شده ترین و در عین حال موثر ترین راه برای جلوگیری از گسترش است.

Although the use of Truvada as pre-exposure prophylaxis (PrEP) continues to make headlines, the use of treatment as prevention (TasP) is one of the most underrated yet most effective ways to prevent the spread of HIV.

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6 Different Ways You can get HIV
شش راه گوناگونی که شما می توانید به اچ آی وی مبتلا شوید

graphic: AIDS.gov

graphic: AIDS.gov

There are a lot of assumptions made about the kind of people who get HIV. Some people think that it is only an issue for people who are promiscuous, the poor, minorities, gay people, or whatever other group that they are not a part of. With the false safety of these beliefs, people continue to make common mistakes that have the potential to lead them to a rude awakening about who can get HIV. More than half of young people who are living with HIV are unaware of their status, and HIV infection is on the rise. So don’t be naïve about the kinds of people who can get HIV, because no one is exempt from infection and almost everyone has had an experience that could have made all the difference.

Here are six common ways that you can become infected with HIV:

You thought he was monogamous.شما فکر می کردید شریک تان به شما (یک همبستر) وفادار بود

Surprisingly, this is one of the most common ways that people report becoming HIV-positive. When you enter into a monogamous relationship, you shouldn’t have to always keep guessing your partner’s is faithfulness or be forced to wear condoms on your wedding night. But that doesn’t mean you should turn a blind eye to the possibilities of your partner sleeping with another person. So keep the communication open and the topic of HIV on both of your minds to minimize your risk while maximizing your pleasure.

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HIV Equal – Survival Guide: To PrEP or Not to PrEP
راهنما یا استراتژی بقا در برابر اچ آی وی: پیشگیری کنیم یا نکنیم

راهنما یا استراتژی بقا در برابر اچ آی وی: پیشگیری کنیم یا نکنیم

با استفاده از داروی تراوادا میتوان به مانند کاندوم تا احتمال 99 درصد از انتقال و ابتلا به اچ آی وی پیشگیری کرد. 

In most ways, sexually active men and women in the 90s had it worse than we do today. You couldn’t just swipe right to meet someone; you had to write down the directions if you were going to pick up a date for the first time, and HIV medications weren’t nearly as advanced as they are today. Yes, sex and dating in the 90s were a little trickier than they are today, but at least one question was a little easier to answer. If you wanted to practice safe sex, condoms were your only option. There was nothing to debate; you either wrapped it up or you didn’t. But today, if you are a gay man who is HIV-negative and sexually active, that question has become quite a bit more complicated.


(Illustration by: Clarione Gutierrez)

PrEP is the pre-exposure prophylaxis pill that, when taken on a daily basis by someone who is HIV-negative, prevents the transmission of HIV by up to 99 percent. The drug, known as Truvada, has been available as PrEP since 2012, and research has continued to show its overwhelming success when taken correctly. Although doctors recommend that PrEP be used in conjunction with condoms because it does not protect against other STIs, people who use PrEP will experience the same efficacy rate of HIV prevention from Truvada whether they wear a condom or not, although condoms do provide an added layer of protection.

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Three More Reasons to Cheer For the HIV Prevention Pill, PrEP.

Last week, there was quite the hat trick of good news regarding the HIV prevention pill known as pre-exposure prophylaxis, or PrEP.

TruvadaOn Wednesday, June 24, Governor Jerry Brown signed a budget for the Golden State that includes $2 million for PrEP outreach and education. That means organizations that advocate for PrEP, such as the Los Angeles LGBT Center, will be able to apply for some of that money and use it to help people learn about and obtain PrEP.

“There are a lot of people who don’t even know about PrEP,” Aaron Fox of the Los Angeles LGBT Center told HIV Equal. “Especially in communities outside of West Hollywood, and people traditionally shut out of medical care either because of income status or distress to the medical system.”

That may include minority men who have sex with men who do not identify as gay, and who are not reached by traditional PrEP messaging. It also can include transgender people who will not go see a doctor for fear of being gawked at in the waiting room. Still other people simply think they cannot afford PrEP and therefore don’t even bother with exploring it as an HIV prevention option.

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