HIV Equal – Survival Guide: To PrEP or Not to PrEP
راهنما یا استراتژی بقا در برابر اچ آی وی: پیشگیری کنیم یا نکنیم

راهنما یا استراتژی بقا در برابر اچ آی وی: پیشگیری کنیم یا نکنیم

با استفاده از داروی تراوادا میتوان به مانند کاندوم تا احتمال 99 درصد از انتقال و ابتلا به اچ آی وی پیشگیری کرد. 

In most ways, sexually active men and women in the 90s had it worse than we do today. You couldn’t just swipe right to meet someone; you had to write down the directions if you were going to pick up a date for the first time, and HIV medications weren’t nearly as advanced as they are today. Yes, sex and dating in the 90s were a little trickier than they are today, but at least one question was a little easier to answer. If you wanted to practice safe sex, condoms were your only option. There was nothing to debate; you either wrapped it up or you didn’t. But today, if you are a gay man who is HIV-negative and sexually active, that question has become quite a bit more complicated.

(Illustration by: Clarione Gutierrez)

PrEP is the pre-exposure prophylaxis pill that, when taken on a daily basis by someone who is HIV-negative, prevents the transmission of HIV by up to 99 percent. The drug, known as Truvada, has been available as PrEP since 2012, and research has continued to show its overwhelming success when taken correctly. Although doctors recommend that PrEP be used in conjunction with condoms because it does not protect against other STIs, people who use PrEP will experience the same efficacy rate of HIV prevention from Truvada whether they wear a condom or not, although condoms do provide an added layer of protection.

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