‘Life outside this diagnosis’: Violence, HIV, and empowerment

زندگی خارج از اینگونه تشخیصات: خشونت, اچ آی وی و توانمندسازی
متاسفانه از تعداد 300,000 زنانی که با اچ آی وی زندگی می کنند, نیمی از آنان بنوعی مورد تعرض و خشونت جنسی بوسیله همسران خود یا مردان دیگری قرار گرفته اند.

“I never looked at it like I was a person who had experienced domestic violence. I just thought I was a chick who got beat up sometimes.”

Empowered: Women, HIV & Intimate Partner Violence, a short film released by Greater Than AIDS, features five women living with HIV—Gina, Michelle, Maria, Lynnea, and Vickie—who talk about life with the virus and the way it connects with abuse in their relationships.

Initially, explain the women, they saw their relationships as normal, not violent.

Their partners would prey on their self-esteem as women living with HIV by saying things like “you’re lucky to have me.” Childhood experiences of trauma and gender-based violence had also skewed their perspective of what was acceptable and affected their decisions as adults.

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Decriminalization of Sex Work Needed to Help Slow Down HIV Epidemic

The Lancet looks at HIV and sex workers

by Enid Vázquez

مجله پزشکی لانست یک مورد خاصی را در کنفرانس بین المللی ایدز تیر ماه سال 2014  منتشر کرد. این موضوع  ویژه مر بوط  به جرم زدایی انسانهایی که شغل روسپی گری دارند, یا در آمد هزینه زندگی شان را از این راه بدست می آورند می باشد. برخی معتقدند که جرم زدایی کارگران جنسی و زدودن انگ و استیگما به دلیل شغل آنان, موجب کاهش در سرعت بیماری اپیدمی ایدز میشود. بنابر این عقیده تولید و دسترسی به وسایل بهداشتی و استفاده از پوششی بنام کاندوم را تسهیل می کند که خود گام بزرگی برای پیشگیری از بیماریهای آمیزشی و یکی از راههای مبارزه با بیماری ایدز است. 

نوشتار: کیومرث سراج الهی

A young chowkri (bonded sex worker) waits for customers on the 3rd floor of the Joinal Bari brothel in Faridpur.

A young chowkri (bonded sex worker) waits for customers on the 3rd floor of the Joinal Bari brothel in Faridpur, central Bangladesh. © Allison Joyce 2011

The British medical journal The Lancet published a special issue on HIV and sex workers for this year’s 20th International AIDS Conference (AIDS 2014), held in Melbourne, Australia in July.

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Link between violence and HIV must be made explicit, say African ministers

Ministers from Liberia, Zimbabwe and Ghana shed light on reality of violence and infection in their countries, as campaigners at UN conference press for action

Photograph: Catianne Tijerina/UN

Photograph: Catianne Tijerina/UN

The link between gender-based violence and HIV infections needs to be explicit in the outcome document of the UN Commission on the Status of Women (CSW), delegates said this week.

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