Transgender Women Living With HIV

Transgender Women Living With HIV: New Study on Relationships Reflects Widespread Challenges, Reinforces Why Policies Must Change

By Katherine Moriarty
September 10, 2014

Devarah "Dee" BorregoHigh rates of stigma, discrimination and financial hardship don’t only affect the many transgender women who face these challenges. According to a study in the Journal of Family Psychology, they can affect their cisgender (non-transgender) male partners as well. The findings were not surprising to several advocates who are transgender women living with HIV, and reinforces why policy change is needed to support transgender women, their partners and their families.

زنان ترانسکشوال که با اچ آی وی زندگی می کنند

یک مطالعه آزمایشی تازه در شهر سانفرانسیسکوی آمریکا نشان میدهد, زندگی زنانی که تغییر جنسیت داده (زنان ترانسکشوال) و همچنین اچ آی وی مثبت می باشند, با چالش های گسترده و دشواری در جوامع روبرو هستند.      نرخ بالای انگ و تبعیض و مشکلات مالی فراوان یا فقر, بیکاری همچنین از جمله نمونه های اصلی این واقعییت می باشند. با توجه به مطالعه در مجله روانشناسی خانواده، این مسائل حتی میتواند در زندگی زنا شویی و شرکای مرد این اشخاص نیز تاثیر بگذارد. بنابرین برای پشتیبانی از زندگی زنان ترانسکشوال, می بایست „تغییرات جدی“ یا „تقویت  تغییر سیاست دولت در جامعه“ جهت فراهم آوردن زندگی بهتری برای آنان بوجود آید

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Living with HIV, then and now

red_ribbon_25Marlon Hoffman was diagnosed HIV+ in 1989 At that time, there was no support for people living with HIV/AIDS beyond AIDS Regina, now known as Aids Program of Southern Saskatchewan (APSS). It was a new organization, so medical professionals were learning about the disease alongside their patients. The doctoring was non-existent or prehistoric.

„They didn’t have a doctor in Regina at first, so we went to Saskatoon for appointments. They gave out AZT and everyone got sick. It didn’t work. I didn’t take any medication for the first five years,“ said Hoffman.

Along with a lack of understanding of the disease and those who had it, came the inevitable prejudice against people who were simply trying to stay alive.

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