Donating blood stem cells save the lives of patients with serious blood diseases

Information about the importance of donating blood stem cells save the lives of patients with serious blood diseases (usually children) – such as leukemia, thalassemia, etc.
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Ehdaye KhounAt present, the only definitive treatment for patients suffering from blood cancer, thalassemia, anemia and other serious diseases, is transplanted hematopoietic stem cell to them. This can occur from someone who genetically (not blood group) is similar to the patient. 30 % of patients find the person (who is genetically similar) in their family members or related, but the other 70 % cannot find the same case in their family so have to get help from others. If they do not find the choice, they would lost their lives. Well as the number of people who are genetically similar to each other in the human population is very low (due to genetic compatibility condition for transplantation you may be the only person can be similar to a patient and be a saver) its requirement to give a helping hand to each other to save them with only half an hour of going and doing a simple blood test and be a part of stem cell bank. Registration population has been very low. If the result shows that our stem cell are similar with the patient then center will make contact us at the time to donate of the stem cells. Donated stem cells is like donated the blood.

Volunteers can sign up by visiting the following link anywhere in the world, the center of your country search and find by doing a simple blood test or saliva test (to determine genetic) to save the lives of many humans act:

Bone Marrow Donors Worldwide (BMDW)