HIV-Positive Transgender Women Going Without Medications, Basic Needs

Portrait of a doctor writing a prescription

Portrait of a doctor writing a prescription

A recent article in LGBT Health revealed transgender women living with HIV are less likely to adhere to anti-HIV medication regimens and achieve viral suppression rates, and are more likely than non-transgender men to be deprived of basic needs.

For the study, researchers from the Division of HIV/AIDS Prevention at the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC) accessed 2009 to 2011 data from the Medical Monitoring Project (MMP), an initiative which aims to measure the amount of HIV-infected adults as well as comparing non-transgender and transgender individuals’ demographics, behavior, health habits, and met needs.
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Three More Reasons to Cheer For the HIV Prevention Pill, PrEP.

Last week, there was quite the hat trick of good news regarding the HIV prevention pill known as pre-exposure prophylaxis, or PrEP.

TruvadaOn Wednesday, June 24, Governor Jerry Brown signed a budget for the Golden State that includes $2 million for PrEP outreach and education. That means organizations that advocate for PrEP, such as the Los Angeles LGBT Center, will be able to apply for some of that money and use it to help people learn about and obtain PrEP.

“There are a lot of people who don’t even know about PrEP,” Aaron Fox of the Los Angeles LGBT Center told HIV Equal. “Especially in communities outside of West Hollywood, and people traditionally shut out of medical care either because of income status or distress to the medical system.”

That may include minority men who have sex with men who do not identify as gay, and who are not reached by traditional PrEP messaging. It also can include transgender people who will not go see a doctor for fear of being gawked at in the waiting room. Still other people simply think they cannot afford PrEP and therefore don’t even bother with exploring it as an HIV prevention option.

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Filipinos challenge stigma amid rising HIV cases

HIV cases shot up 277 percent in the last five years, an increase activists attribute to those “coming out”.
Ted Regencia | |

Manila, Philippines – Seven years ago, Marky Manlangit was diagnosed with Human Immunodeficiency Virus (HIV) that causes gradual destruction of the body’s immune system.


Philippines government has increased its HIV prevention budget. (photo: Al Jazeera)

With “zero knowledge” about his disease and no counselling available at that time in the capital, Manila, he had nowhere to go for help. For three years, he kept his condition to himself, fearful of rejection from family and friends. Then he got sick.

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Brightening the Blues: Depression and HIV
اچ آی وی و افسردگی

My belief in the mission of what we do keeps me going.

— Tom Menard, 55
Vice president of operations, AIDS Foundation of Chicago, Chicago
Diagnosed with HIV in 1991

Tom Menard (Illustration: A.E. Kieren)

Tom Menard (Illustration: A.E. Kieren)

Aging with HIV can come with its fair share of depression and anxiety. But there’s help out there. You just have to reach for it.

It’s safe to say that Tom Menard, 55, the vice president of operations at the AIDS Foundation of Chicago, has been “through it.” He estimates he got HIV as far back as 1982 but wasn’t diagnosed until 1991. “The diagnosis definitely took a toll on the relationship I was in at the time,” he says. Then came weight loss, down to 137 pounds, with his T-cells down to 97, then the first HIV drug, AZT, which gave him anemia, then the protease inhibitors, which caused him upset stomach.

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Solidarity and Celebration for Mothers Living with HIV

EGPAF Ambassador Florence Ngobeni-Allen and her son Kulani. photo: Florence Ngobeni-Allen / EGPAF

EGPAF Ambassador Florence Ngobeni-Allen and her son Kulani. (photo: Florence Ngobeni-Allen / EGPAF)

As a mother, wife and health counselor living with HIV in South Africa, I know about the fears that a woman can feel when she thinks about disclosing her HIV status to loved ones. When I discovered that I was living with HIV, I feared stigma on top of the hardship of being diagnosed with an incurable virus.

But, through the pain, I came to see some benefits of disclosure — and even the joy. I did face some rejection from people who did not understand HIV and judged me for my illness; but many close friends and family members gave me love and support during times when I felt most devastated.

In 1997, I lost my husband and five-month-old daughter to AIDS-related illnesses. Those deaths broke my heart. After disclosing my HIV status to my remaining loved ones, I followed my antiretroviral treatment consistently, without fear of being found out. Eventually, I met a man who accepted me as I am, and we have had two sons together. Both children are HIV-free because of my commitment to following a prevention of mother-to-child transmission of HIV (PMTCT) regimen.

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Resolution 2048 (2015) – Provisional version – „Discrimination against transgender people in Europe
قطعنامه جدید مجمع پارلمان اروپا برضد تبعیض تراجنسی ها در اروپا

1. The Parliamentary Assembly regrets that transgender people face widespread discrimination in Europe. This takes a variety of forms, including difficulties in access to work, housing and health services, as well as a high prevalence of hate speech, hate crime, bullying and physical and psychological violence. Transgender people are also at particular risk of multiple discrimination. The fact that the situation of transgender people is considered as a disease by international diagnosis manuals is disrespectful of their human dignity and an additional obstacle to social inclusion.

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HPV campaign to educate gay men

The Get Garded campaign aims at raising awareness about HPV in gay and bisexual men. (photo: Reuters)

The Get Garded campaign aims at raising awareness about HPV in gay and bisexual men. (photo: Reuters)

With women most often being mentioned when it comes to the Human Papollomavirus, the new campaign Get Garded will focus on high numbers in the gay and bisexual male community.

It’s not common knowledge that 60% of gay and bisexual men and nearly 80% of men who are HIV positive have HPV, according to Michael Kwag, knowledge translation manager with Health Initiative for Men.

HIM, Vancouver Coastal Health and the Fraser Health Authority have spearheaded the campaign to increase awareness about HPV and the Gardasil vaccine, Kwag said.

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HIV positive teen charged with sexual offences

18-year-old Aaron George of Ajax, Ontario (photo: Peterborough Police Service)

18-year-old Aaron George of Ajax, Ontario (photo: Peterborough Police Service)

PETERBOROUGH — Peterborough police have arrested an Ajax teen, charging him with two counts of aggravated sexual assault in relation to two separate incidents involving two separate victims that occurred in November and December of last year.

Investigation has revealed that the accused, diagnosed as being HIV positive at the time, had knowingly engaged in unprotected sex and failed to disclose to either victim that he was HIV positive.

Charged is Aaron George, 18. He was scheduled to appear in court Wednesday (April 8).

Police say the incidents occurred while he was residing in Peterborough.

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HIV can lodge quickly in brain after infection

ویروس اچ آی وی می تواند به سرعت در مدت 4 ماه پس از عفونت در مغز راه یابد.

بر اساس گزارش مجله PLOS پاتوژن, محققان دانشکده ییل پزشکی و دانشگاه کارولینای شمالی در 26 مارس 2015 امسال می گویند که ویروس اچ ای وی پس از 2 سال عفونت, در 4 تن از بیماران اختلالات عصبی ایجاد کرده است.

شواهد نشان می دهد که در اواخر مرحله عفونت, HIV می تواند در سیستم عصبی مرکزی ایجاد اختلال ایجاد کند و حتی منجر به یک شکل از زوال عقل شود. بسیاری از دانشمندان امیدوار بودند که با تشخیص زود هنگام ابتلا به ویروس اچ آی وی وهمچنین با شروع درمان های جدید برای از بین بردن ویروس در مبتلایان, قبل از آن که ویروس به مغز رخنه کند ممکن است که از بوجود آمدن بیماریها و اختلالات عصبی همچون زوال عقل و افسردگی یا بیماری دمنتس و آلزایمر جلوگیری کنند.

محققان مایع نخاعی 72 بیمار را در دو سال اول عفونت مورد بررسی قرار دادند و آنها دریافتند که تا 25٪ نشانه هایی از عفونت ویروس اچ آی وی و یا عکس العمل سیستم ایمنی بدن بیماران, در برابر یک نوع عفونت وجود دارد.
این تحقیقات توسط موسسه ملی بهداشت روان تامین شده است.

برگردان: کیومرث سراج الهی

Image: Wikimedia Commons

Image: Wikimedia Commons

HIV can establish itself in the brain as soon as four months after initial infection. A finding that dampens hopes of an impending cure for a disease that afflicts more than 35 million people.

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HIV/AIDS still largely a taboo subject in Hong Kong and much of East Asia

The stigma over Aids is the biggest obstacle in diagnosing and treating patients in Asia, but Hong Kong is among a regional group that’s stepping up efforts to combat the disease

A child visits a Treat Asia network clinic in Kuala Lumpur. (photo: SCMP)

HIV/AIDS was presented in positive fashion in Hong Kong last week, thanks to celebrities such as Victoria Beckham, Gwyneth Paltrow and Michelle Yeoh, in town to attend a fundraising gala dinner by amfAR, the Foundation for Aids Research.

But on the whole, the disease is still a taboo subject in Hong Kong and the region. The stigma attached to it is still the biggest obstacle in diagnosing and treating patients, and preventing the disease from spreading.

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